WEAN strives to deliver authenticity and quality with its distinctive distribution channels dedicated on delivering products to strategic yet convenient destinations. We also believe that people are the true asset therefore, the government of the UAE, and major retailers are the first pioneers to support the cause of WEAN.

Ali Al Omeri


To have the highest market share and be the frontrunner in every market we operate in.


The Progression in fulfilling ongoing market demands while maintaining high-quality products in every accessible retail.



An integrity-based approach at WEAN is what runs our engines. Our company operates on transparency and truthfulness combined, which is instilled as a mark of quality and fairness.


Our quality philosophy relies heavily on our innovative and dynamic environment of improvement and development. Our aim is to always meet the highest quality standards while closely monitoring our products


We are a passionate and motivated company that offer sincerity to customers in the most effective and efficient manner. The guarantee of the finest quality and the interest of customer fulfillment is always a priority of ours.


At WEAN, we offer a wide range of diverse products from our reliable factories to your retail stores across the region.


To operate smoothly, WEAN ensures consistency to safeguard short-term and long-term plans to champion responsible business impact